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Jul 3, 2012 6:30pm PDT
across syria, saying they are being used to hold in government crackdowns since pro-democracy protests started last year. >> the group said it had carried out more than 200 interviews with former detainees, military, and intelligence. almost all of them said the either experienced or witnessed torture. data powerful footage has captured what is said to be the syrian government's deadly shelling of residential areas. a new report details atrocities being committed away from the eyes of the world. >> the syrian authority is running a network of torture centers, a network of torture chambers scattered across syria. the widespread and systematic nature of this network makes it clear that it constitutes a crime against humanity. >> human rights watch interviewed more than 200 former prisoners who told of their experiences in regime torture chambers. >> when we were detained in the military intelligence prison, they hung us by our arms with our bodies suspended in the air. then they beat and taunted us. they put a metal device with a for your prongs' between your legs to crush your
Jul 13, 2012 6:30pm PDT
killings. >> and middle east analyst and author joins us now in the studio to talk more about this. russians have warned that the conflict is becoming more sectarian. are we going to see an all-out civil war in syria? >> that is unfortunately indeed the past we see evolving. what started out as civil unrest against regime in justice and as a quest for change has now really become a full-fledged civil war -- what started out as civil unrest against regime injustice. this makes it so complicated to really solve the issue. there is the government that still assumes it can crush this rebellion, and there is an opposition that is getting stronger and stronger, militia- type of opposition, that also believes it can crush the regime militarily, but in both cases, it will not work. >> the west has been a constantly trying to ratchet up pressure, but china and russia are opposed to that. is there anything that can be done to get china to agree to increase the pressure? >> both china and russia worry that too many regimes in the region fall and become pro- western. syria and iran are the las
Jul 16, 2012 5:30pm PDT
use. the submarine docked in china monday after carrying out six deep sea dives in the pacific ocean last month. it reached a record depth of more than 7,000 meters, breaking the previous record of 6,527 meters, set by japanese manned submarine. tension has been building in the south china sea. last month china announced that it was integrating the disputed islands and two other disputed island chains to create a new city called sunsha. >>> a ragged chain of rocks in the east china sea is casting a shadow over diplomatic relations between tokyo and beijing. the object of the dispute, the senkaku islands, saying they are part of the chinese prefecture. surveys indicated the presence of oil resources in the area. decades later, the dispute remains very much alive. >> public opinion in china is once again focused on the territorial dispute with japan over the enkaku islands. the prime minister of tokyo planned to purchase the islands from its owner. noda said earlier this month that the central government is considering similar plans. trance tran t . >> translator: the point is to take
Jul 12, 2012 2:30pm PDT
. >> obviously, we're going to use the governmental parties to move in that direction. >> but the death toll in syria continues to rise. these images show mortar attacks on the outskirts of damascus. >> nine people have been killed and 11 injured and net -- and at a deadly avalanches in the french alps. german, english, at french, and swiss hikers were among the dead. >> among those feared to be among the victims, the avalanche struck high on the north face of the mountain. it began 11 climber accidentally dislodged a piece of the face. >> the search efforts continued. rescuers used polls at 4,000 meters in a desperate attempts to locate the missing. speculation on the cause of the accident against. investigators suspect it was caused by a block of ice that slipped from the mountain slopes. >> the heat of the ice could have been -- the sheet of the ice it could have been loosened by a mountain climber. it buried them beneath it. >> it is a popular access route to a location for 4,400 meters high. a lot of people were on the slopes. residents say the climbers were not behaving recklessly
Jul 18, 2012 6:30pm PDT
two sides have decided to fight it out. >> russia has decided to use its veto power? >> yes, it will. even if it did not, the two sides would continue fighting. there is no diplomatic way right now to stop the country from entering a civil war. the only question is -- how long will it take? >> the white house says it now does not know the whereabouts of bashar al assad. what does that tell you? is it possible he has left the country? >> i do not think so. he will remain in the country. he has no place to go. his family has no place to go. he has so many supporters in the country that he has to take care of that i think there is no way out. i think the american government simply does not know where he is. the information that the americans and western allies have on the situation on the ground is not very good, and that is frightening. >> we have to leave it there. as always, thank you for coming in to talk with us. much of the diplomatic efforts in syria have been focused on moscow. russia says it will veto any resolution at the united nations. let's go to our moscow bureau wher
Jul 4, 2012 2:30pm PDT
london-based libor rate, which banks use to lend money to one anothe. scandal has already cost three executives at barclays their jobs. >> diamond insists that the rating was isolated to only a few employees at the firm and that it is an industry-wide issue, possibly indicating the bank of england itself -- diamond insists that the rate rigging was isolated. >> he has become a symbol of greed and arrogance in the banking industry. committee members grilled him for hours, focusing on the role of britain's central bank in the crisis. lawmakers wanted to know whether the bank of england approved of barclays actions in 2008 in an effort to avoid further turbulence in financial markets. it is a grave allegation, and it could adversely affect london's financial reputation. the libor bench mark determines interest rates used by banks to borrow from each other. based on information from major institutions, the benchmark indirectly determines how much businesses and private customers pay on the money they owe. the scandal has turned into a political powder keg. in parliament, prime minister d
Jul 9, 2012 5:30pm PDT
people like him are left struggling just to get by. >>> he dropping by our studio to give us insight on the karzai government, here he is in conversation with our gene otani. >> we just saw in your report, some afghans, not getting aid at all, are turning to growing opium poppies. where is all of the money going? it is going to where international donors fear it is going. the corruption in afghanistan says it reaches all the way up. >> i have cases from the government, from the governor of provinces, the most corrupt country, you know, in the world. >> once again, international donors said karzai must do more to win back trust. they say he must take a stronger measure to fight corruption frps. >> karzai also needs to take into account the role of the taliban. why is the taliban still so powerful? >> well, many afghans are frustrated with the reconstruction. some say the taliban owes to the karzai government. the afghans provide them with cover and they can recruit new fighters there. on the reason for the resurgence is that taliban have a sanctuary, along with the pakistani side of t
Jul 9, 2012 2:30pm PDT
key issue is how to use the european stability mechanism to recapitalized banks directly, rather than funneling financial aid through governments. >> the meeting on monday is also expected to discuss who should succeed luxembourg's jean-claude juncker as head of the eurogroup. juncker is due to step down on july 17. >> and spain is high on the agenda. on monday, the interest spain has to offer on 10-year bonds rose back above 7%. that level is considered unsustainable. >> spain's economy minister got a warm welcome on a rival in brussels. but the meeting with his eu colleagues is bound to involve tough bargaining. >> we will be talking about two main issues, the memorandum of understanding setting up the bailout conditions and the level of prevacid that we are permitted. >> france's finance minister said he was confident. >> i am optimistic that we will make progress on the difficult points with spain and the establishment of the esm. >> the key is cross-border supervision of banks, which is seen as a requirement for stricken institutions to get bailout aid directly. >> first, we need
Jul 10, 2012 2:30pm PDT
more about us an hour show on our website. that is >> thanks for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institute
Jul 27, 2012 6:30pm PDT
as a strategic and commercial hub. the use of heavy weapons there has already taken its toll. >> the fight for control of aleppo has raged for nearly a week, and both sides are preparing for what could be a decisive battle. still, demonstrators defied the danger, filling the streets to voice their hatred of the assad regime and to show their increasing disregard for the powers that be. opposition forces have reportedly seized a number of districts in the city. the rebel flag now flies over a government building, and rebel forces are preparing themselves for the battle to come. the assad regime is reportedly ready in an offensive. the u.s. state department is voicing concern, fearing an all- out massacre may be imminent. >> this is another desperate attempt by a regime that is going down to try to maintain control, and we are greatly concerned about what they are capable of in aleppo. >> washington says its intelligence indicates the syrian government is using warplanes and attack helicopters to target rebel positions in aleppo. the international red cross has pulled many of its emerg
Jul 30, 2012 2:30pm PDT
have eased tensions on financial markets. >> with this auction today and in the last week, it shows us that without this report of the ecb, italy, especially spain, are almost out of the financial markets, so they are in deep trouble. definitely, we need support. >> but those countries could come under increasing pressure if the ecb fails to follow its pledges of support from the euro with concrete action. >> all that news had a positive effect on the markets here in europe. our correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange has more. >> the mood was quite upbeat at the beginning of this week. investors full of confidence that they will be helped. they're looking towards the european central bank, its meeting this coming thursday in frankfurt. the hope is that they will be ready to announce some kind of bond purchase program that would ease the tension in the financial markets and the bond market, especially help spain and the investors here as well. there are a lot of people on the floor of those who were also uneasy about this type of thinking, saying this is just kicking the can down
Jul 20, 2012 6:30pm PDT
. the opposition has done its utmost to tell us time and again that minorities have nothing to fear. but the minorities are afraid, and that is why the keep supporting the assad regime. that is perhaps the fundamental problem of the moment in syria. >> the world is worried about this, that you're going to have the blood shed with the assad regime being toppled. once that has happened, you're going to have another bloodbath with all these minorities being targeted. do you think that is a realistic scenario? >> it is a scenario, and the events on the ground show was that the country is moving towards a sectarian and ethnic conflict. so i do not think that the minorities are totally wrong in being afraid, because the opposition is sunni and islamist in orientation. and some of them are even jihadists. >> as always, thanks for coming in and giving us your insi in the u. atof colodoicare trying to eld in the killi a movat denver colorado. the cumneened- enrcen the scene film. wiessayhe s lpain oyoba ereed >> obudis veac ogethe coro forget, the u.s.dinalst every . how it goes is there i a
Jul 23, 2012 2:30pm PDT
. >> kozel ben fajzullin. these are our headlines. the assad or shame makes a veiled threat to use chemical weapons in its fight for survival. >> a series of coordinated attacks in iraq leaves more than 100 people dead, 200 wounded in numerous locations. >> europe plunged to new market turmoil. spain's debt surges, and the stocks in the euro continued their slide. >> syria has issued a very stark warning against any foreign interference, implying it would use chemical or biological warfare to combat any intervention from abroad. >> the warning comes as international pressure grows on the government to step aside from several fronts arab foreign ministers said offered president assad a safe exit if he resigns. >> but the syrian leader is showing he intends to remain in power, launching new counter offenses against rebel strongholds. our coverage begins on the ground in syria. >> this video posted on the internet is believed to have been filmed in aleppo. rebels said fierce fighting is continuing there and the capital damascus. pressure is mounting on president bashar al-assad. for the first
Jul 5, 2012 2:30pm PDT
has been following this story and joins us now from our parliamentary studios. what have you learned today? >> let me begin by telling you what i have not learned -- specifically why those files were destroyed, who gave the order for them to be destroyed, and was it part of a cover-up? that cannot be ruled out. we also do not know the full extent of the collision and collaboration between members of the intelligence community in germany and neo-nazis. lots of big questions that remain to be answered. we do know there was this decade-long series of hideous racially motivated crimes, and the perpetrators of those crimes went undetected for more than a decade. why? that is the question. because the police were not good at tracking them down. what we have learned today is that when the police turned to the intelligence agencies in germany, they did not get much support because the chief of those intelligence agencies has submitted -- admitted that his services was uncoordinated, was bureaucratic, and was heavy handed and blind in one night. that is the most important point. why do i say
Jul 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
break wall at fukushima daiichi. the iaea experts hope to use their findings to strengthen the quake resistance of plants around the world. nhk world, from onigawa. >>> indonesia, one of the merging economies, wants it maintain an annual growth rate of at least 6%. the government set up a new ministry to help achieve a goal. earlier gene otani asked senior common tator to tell us more about the new ministry and indonesia's ambitious goals. >> how would you describe the current economic situation in indonesia? >> well, the country has recovered from the political rest it experienced about daek aid ago after the fall of the president. it's been during a -- over the past seven or eight years, between 5 and 6%. now the president wants it take it one step further. >> translator: the fruits of economic development must be fairly distributed. to allow the entire nation to enjoy its benefits. >> indonesia strengths rise in its corporation of 240 million people wbt largest in southeast asia and the youth of its work force. this chart shows how the younger generation has grown over the past 40
Jul 24, 2012 6:30pm PDT
is terrible. >> the latest concern is that the regime might use chemical weapons or allow them to fall into the wrong hands. israel says if that happens, it will act. >> at the moment, we see the psyrians transfer chemical and biological weapons to hezbollah -- this is a red line for us, and from our point of view, we will act decisively and without hesitation or restraint. >> threats like that are likely to prompt more people to join the 100,000 who have already fled syria for the safety of neighboring countries. >> the egyptian president has announced a new prime minister for the country, and he is a u.s.-educated former official at the african development bank. he was the minister of water resources and irrigation in the outgoing military-appointed government. >> on his facebook pitch, it says he owned a doctorate. it is unclear how much power he will have, given the ongoing influence of the military. the german city health services to commemorate those who died in the love parade two years ago. the music festival used to be one of germany's biggest, attracting visitors from al
Jul 11, 2012 2:30pm PDT
officials believe it is the right path. our brussels correspondent spoke to us earlier. >> the european commission spokesperson welcomed the announcement by mariano rajoy, but would not comment on the details. they said that the measures looked decisive. what is clear is that the spanish government is following the eu's recommendations. they say that spain has to increase its tax revenues and also shift the tax burden from taxes on labor and income more to consumption. that is what is happening now. also -- also, spanish prime minister mariano rajoy announced that the retirement age will gradually increase to 67 years over the next 15 years. a lot is happening, but a lot more is needed. they are asking spain to do more to tighten and employment, especially amongst young people, to do more to improve the structural systems and get structural reforms under way. brussels does not want spain to enter into even deeper recession. they're watching closely what spain is doing. >> time to take a look at once the's market numbers. -- at a wednesday's market numbers. let's begin with frankfurt. th
Jul 26, 2012 6:30pm PDT
what it did for greece. draghi says it is essential to respond to the market's. >> they are giving us messages. if you ask me, it is a powerful question. will we be able, shall we be able? the answer is yes, of course. >> the market responded positively to draghi's words. that could ease pressure on struggling countries and by the time to rebuild the economies. >> the spanish team of-year bond yield is below 10% now and european bond shares went up 2%. the dax ended the day up by 2.75%. the dow jones up over 4%. a very good day obviously. we look across the atlantic -- the dow jones doing well, 12,882. the euro recovering from recent lows at the moment. we stay in the and the european commission president pledged to deliver on obligations to remain in the . >> that is right. in his first athens visit since the crisis started in 2009, bar asso met with greek and italian prime minister's to find ways to cut spending. >> meanwhile, athens is reviewing it greek austerity measures. the ecb has the power to decide whether greece has done enough. >> with a report on the austerity program in
Jul 2, 2012 2:30pm PDT
audience with king juan carlos. >> joining us from the capital madrid is our correspondent there. what has been the mood there over the last 24 hours? >> love, it is a never-ending discotheque, it seems, because after a long, long night, they started very early celebrating here. their intraday by disc jockeys and famous singers, as you can maybe here from behind. the party goes on, and we are to welcome the spanish football team here. [inaudible] i will not imagine what the reactions are of thousands of people that are here. >> is it fair to say that the victory has offered some temporary psychological relief to the people who are suffering under the financial crisis in spain? >> yes, indeed. at least for the last four weeks. today, of course, and maybe the following days, it will be this nice moment to remember. but all the standards i talked to, they were so realistic and said the championship is over, and live continues. and tomorrow, we have to go back to work. then we are facing again all of our problems. but they join this great moment. maybe they will keep something up, wh
Jul 6, 2012 2:30pm PDT
helping us not stay in power. >> senior politicians for more than 100 countries came from around the globe to the meeting in paris. french president francois hollande said half the world was represented, all with one goal in common. % in syria. but the meeting was overshadowed by who was not there. both russia and china did not attend. >> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton called for more pressure on moscow and beijing. >> i do not think russia and china believe they are paying any price at all, nothing at all. for standing up on behalf of the assad regime. the only way that will change is if every nation represented here directly and urgent -- urgently makes it clear that russia and china will pay a price. >> clinton says that without moscow and beijing's support, a concerted international move against the syrian regime is impossible. the syrian opposition is in disarray and there is little sign of either the opposition or the government putting down their arms in favor of dialogue. western powers warned that as long as the conflict is unresolved, it remains dangerous not only
Jul 16, 2012 6:30pm PDT
russian foreign minister accused the west of effectively trying to use blackmail to secure a new solution to and syria's civil war. >> in syria itself, of violence escalates on monday. the fighting is spreading in the capital of damascus. the government's deployed -- the government deployed armored did -- vehicles in the city. >> this amateur video is said to show a fierce fighting between government forces and rebel fighters in the capital of damascus. now it seems the heaviest fighting is where it began. international leaders are stepping up pressure on syria's rival, russia. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov accused the west of strong arming moscow. >> we are seeing elements of black male much to our regrets. -- upblackmail -- of blackmail much to our regrets. i find this to be counterproductive and dangerous proposal. >> serious opposition and sharply criticized president assad's allies. the syrian national council of leaders are seeing russia and iran are helping fuel the violence. >> we're calling on russia and iran to respect the will of the syrian people and to s
Jul 17, 2012 6:30pm PDT
that. i think it shows how out of touch he is with public opinion. >> bear with us for a moment. we will come back to you in just a moment's time. all right, soccer was also on the agenda in berlin today -- above all, the question of how to solve the question of violence in germany's soccer stadiums. >> politicians met with representatives from 54 professional soccer clubs on a new code of behavior that will see troublemakers' band more quickly and more money for fan associations -- behavior that will see troublemakers banned more quickly. >> they may be banned, but they keep showing up. out-of-control fans are a growing problem. a low point was this game. fans stormed the field before the game was over in this playoff match. officials want to put a stop to this kind of access. the message at the conference was clear. >> we have to present a united front against violence. a zero tolerance policy from the new season on words -- onwards. >> the conference did not come up with any new proposals but did agree on a new code of conduct. fireworks remain banned, but the new head of the con
Jul 10, 2012 6:30pm PDT
berlin. that is all we have time for now. >> do not forget, you can find out much more about us an hour show on our website. that is >> thanks for joining us. captioned by the national captioning institute
Jul 12, 2012 6:30pm PDT
justice has ruled in favor of the farmers, allowing them to use their own varieties of seed even if not officially listed. >> the ruling allows for more innovation and sustainability in a sector which is good for innovation and sustainability. >> it was grown from seeds that do not have an official eu pedigree. the owner stands to benefit from the court ruling. >> potatoes and carrots in particular have an enormous% range of flavors that he will not find in mass-produce varieties. >> until now, only produce to run from registered seeds was allowed on the market. since the process of getting c's registered is so expensive and time-consuming, -- seeds registered is so expensive and time-consuming, only big corporations have the money. >> in practical terms, you cannot use one of these old varieties amor. they are just not good enough. >> but the court disagreed. they pointed out the regulations could lead to a major loss of biodiversity, and even greater dominance by the bigger corporations. >> europe is finally going to open up to real varieties. small ones. older ones. that will hel
Jul 23, 2012 6:30pm PDT
>> syria has issued a very stark warning against any foreign interference, implying it would use chemical or biological warfare to combat any intervention from abroad. >> the warning comes as international pressure grows on the government to step aside from several fronts arab foreign ministers said offered president assad a safe exit if he resigns. >> but the syrian leader is showing he intends to remain in power, launching new counter offenses against rebel strongholds. our coverage begins on the ground in syria. >> this video posted on the internet is believed to have been filmed in aleppo. rebels said fierce fighting is continuing there and the capital damascus. pressure is mounting on president bashar al-assad. for the first time, the syrian government has indirectly raised the question of using chemical weapons inside syrian borders. >> these weapons that they possession of -- possess are monitored and guarded by the syrian army. these weapons are meant to be used only and strictly in the event of external aggression against syria. >> syria has held stocks of chemical weapo
Jul 2, 2012 5:30pm PDT
conference pushing for strict regulations. >> translator: it is difficult for us to control regional conflicts in which small weapons are used. we in japan must create an environment in which we can contribute to peace-building. >> reporter: but the key players are big weapon producers such as the united states. the u.s. is the world's biggest weapons exporter, accounting for one-third of the total value of global arms shipment. washington initially opposed the treaty. but president obama reversed that position. his administration is not so forthcoming on some of the scope of the treaty, though, such as small arms or ammunition. guns are very popular in the u.s. a new poll indicates more than 40% of american households own a gun. some lawmakers resist any international law that might, in their view, infringe american people's constitutional right to arm themselves. the u.s. is also the biggest exporter of ammunition and produces over 7 billion rounds a year. the country has resisted the proposed inclusion of ammunition in the scope of the treaty on the ground that it is impractical.
Jul 19, 2012 6:30pm PDT
arsenal, and if assad used those chemical weapons against his own people, he would have to be held accountable. for whatever that means. >> whatever that means is that -- should we put all this diplomatic window dressing to the side now and admit that this is the end o the line for diplomacy as far as the united nations security council is concerned? >> yes, you would not find anybody who put diplomacy to rest entirely in this case, but it is clear that there is no common ground for any meaningful compromise in the security council that would actually have an impact on the ground in syria. the positions from russia and the west are just too far apart, and it is safe to say at this moment that the peace plan from the united nations special envoy kofi annan has failed. >> as always, thank you very much. tunisia's former dictator has been sentenced to life in prison. a military court found him guilty of complacency in the killing of 43 protesters during the jasmine revolution, which led to his downfall. >> it is the fourth time he has been sentenced, though it looks unlikely he will s
Jul 10, 2012 5:30pm PDT
had no role to play in politics, culture or education. the time has come for us to shape libya. >> reporter: just three days before the election, she was ready. the party leader is on the poster, instead of her. only her name and occupation are written on it. she decided not to use her photo to try to avoid discrimination. >> translator: see, someone tore this female candidate's picture. i didn't want to be like her, so i decided not to use my photo. >> reporter: someone has written critical comments on her facebook page. >> translator: you're a leftover from the old regime. >> translator: it's ridiculous that someone as young as you is running. >> reporter: she thought lack of understanding of a democratic system was behind the harassment, so she held a meeting with voters. she told them everybody can express themselves freely in a democracy. >> translator: her explanation made me understand what an election is for the first time. >> reporter: she believes the first thing is to get people to realize the importance of the election. >> translator: this is an election for libya's
Jul 19, 2012 2:30pm PDT
support for all the best use is wearing thin in some places. >> german lawmakers have already backed several packages, but concern is growing about how much europe's debt crisis is costing taxpayers. the finance minister says it is essential that the stability of the spanish banking sector is protected. he denies there is a risk of losing the money and says madrid will be liable for the funds. >> anyone going on about the liability of collective banking debts in the eurozone does not understand the seriousness of the issues, the -- the economic and political concerns at stake. >> spain will have to fulfil certain conditions. it will have to restructure its banking sector, but the opposition social democrats remain skeptical and fear madrid may need much more assistance. >> is the majority votes yes, it is only because we believe the damage caused by germany refusing to help spain would be catastrophic, including for germany. ladies and gentlemen, this cannot continue. >> the left party says the government just wants to calm financial markets without carrying out any real reforms of t
Jul 25, 2012 6:30pm PDT
over to our political correspondent for some analysis on this. doom and gloom on all sides. tell us more about economists and what they are really saying. >> the report was commissioned by an american think tank, financed largely by the very controversial hedge fund manager george soros, it is hardly surprising that the report is critical of the new crisis management. the most surprising thing is the extent to which it agrees with angela merkel. for example, in opposing the introduction of eurobonds and also in warning against the european union becoming a transfer union. >> what is the german government's expected response? >> i do not think the german government will react directly to this. the ideas are not new. they belong to mainstream american economic thinking. chancellor merkel is aware of them, of course, and is not convinced by them. far more important is the possible influence of moody's, warning that germany could lose its aaa rating because of its exposure to weak southern european economies. that will strengthen chancellor merkel's resolve not to give any more cash to
Jul 9, 2012 2:00am PDT
brussels. it is very good to have you with us. -- dw studio in brussels. the by london. scottish nationalists want independence. and why concierge are on the rise again in france. it will not be easy for the small island in the mediterranean. cyprus is taking over the presidency of the eu on the first of july at a time when europe is in its deepest crisis, but it knows the ins and outs of the union's problems only too well from its very own experience. there are closely intertwined with the greek economy, but help is on its way -- cyprus has asked for help from its european partners. in the past, it has turned to russia. >> these russian schoolchildren are rehearsing music numbers they will be performing at the next fall festival, but they only know russia from vacations. their home is cyprus. natalia also considers this harbor city her home. 13 years ago, the businesswoman made the move to the mediterranean. she now publishes a russian- language newspaper. she is proud of how much the russian community has contributed to prosperity in the island nation. >> they are important for
Jul 22, 2012 1:00pm PDT
the cinnamon-bun store. [ laughter ] i think they use fans to blow it through the airport, you know? it's like secondhand smoke. it should be illegal. [ laughter ] i looked around and i made sure no one was looking and i went oveto b the biggest cinnamon bun i could find. and i got the one with the nuts 'cause i told myself it had more protein, and i scarfed it right down. then the rest of the day, flying back, i felt like an addict. when i changed planes in chicago, i ran to get some chocolate-covered cherries, and i demolished the whole box before we even landed. [ laughter ] now, this biologic software, which was lifesaving 10,000 years ago, is now the cause of the single biggest killer in the 21st century. so, what is this deadly disee that affects one out of every two of us? diabesity. what disease is making over a billion people around the world fat and sick? diabesity. and 90% of people with this disease don't even know they have it. and what's worse is that your doctors aren't trained to find it, so they're not looking for it, and they don't know how to treat it. so, what is
Jul 31, 2012 7:00am EDT
. host: give us a call. parents can share their thoughts on this matter. teachers, give us a call at 202-628-0205. all other thoughts, 202-628- 0284. you can also join us on all other social platforms. a very good tuesday morning to you. and what to start with an article from "of washington examiner" this morning on the subject of paying students to attend classes. host: we want to know what you think on this subject of paying students to come to school. while you are calling in, want to get to the congressional schedule for the next four days before congress leaves town. we're joined by alexander bolton with "the hill." thank you for joining us. but congress is getting out of here on friday. they are faced with a looming government shutdown as they do not extend or do not have a new budget in place before september 30. but what is the new on funding of the government? guest: they are not going to take up any extended stop-gap funding. the funding for the government runs out at the end of the fiscal year. there was some thought that perhaps this could be taken off of the table as an
Jul 23, 2012 7:00am EDT
america be nationalized? here are the numbers to call -- you can also find us online. send us a tweet. or e-mail us -- "the new york times" has an piece today that says -- we would like to hear what you think about that. let's continue reading. some economists had a surprisingly different take it comes to the big fish in the economic pond. some found only way to preserve competition was to nationalize. this notion seems counterintuitive. this is a question a lot of newspapers, economists, and politicians asked back in 2009 when the economic crisis hit. now we're revisiting it, especially in the wake of the libor scandal in the uk. "forbes."e picece from when we look at the question of nationalization and what it means, what about to the archives and see what the questions were from 2008. in this article looks at what it means. and it means giving the government the power to control banks. this could mean taking control of the public shares to the power to pick and install new leadership at the bank. let's go back to the o"new york times" op ed piece that says basically of the barclays
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